The 6th District Task Force has been formed to organize a grass-root effort to ensure that a Democrat wins the upcoming Special Election for the 6th Congressional District seat.  

This is a combined effort of the Cobb, DeKalb and Fulton County to work in a unified force to activate thousands of volunteers and party resources.

This is NOT an effort to support any candidate or candidate election.  The 6th District Task Force will not work in collaboration with any candidate or candidate campaign.  We will not share data nor Strategic/tactical plans with any candidate or candidate campaign. If / when there is a point in the future where there is only a single candidate then we can, and will, collaborate as necessary.  This is not a choice is a mandate in the bylaws of every county and state Democratic Party. 

Dates of Interest
Feb. 13th - Feb. 15th   Candidate Qualifying Period
March 20th                  Last Day to Register for to Vote
March 27th                  Early Voting Begins
April 18th                    ELECTION DAY
June 20th                     Runoff Election

This is a very short window that has been selected specifically to give Republicans the advantage. But we can counteract that by organizing and mobilizing very quickly.

Our Goal:
To organize and mobilize volunteers in efforts to ensure that the Special Election race for Georgia’s 6th Congressional district is won by a Democrat.
  • Election Awareness – We will engage in direct voter contact to every possible voter that we feel will be voting democrat in this election and make sure they have all the correct information concerning the Special Election. 
  • Voter Turnout – We will engage in Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts to ensure that we have the largest turnout possible of the Democratic electorate. 

Who is going to make this happen? 

County Democratic 
Cobb, DeKalb and Fulton will contribute resources, volunteers and drive people to public events to increase election awareness.
Democratic Party of Georgia
We are partnering with the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) who will provide advanced Data analytics and a tool set necessary to the voter outreach and data collection.
This is your election to win!  Together we will use our Social media, our mailing list and social networks to activate thousands of volunteers across District, the State and the Country to ensure that voter turnout is as large as possible within the Democratic population of the district.

What are we going to do?
We are going to Canvass (Door Knock) across the 6th District to boost voter awareness of the Special Election and to increase the turnout at the polls during early voting and on Election Day.
Phone Bank
We are going to call anyone that we feel will be voting for a Democrat in this election and ensuring that they know about the election and encourage them to go vote!
Social Media
Using our Facebook group page as a hub for information we will use all social media platforms available to us to get out the message.   #DemocratsUnite #DemsTakeThe6th #FlipThe6th

Your Action:

Sign-up!  (Complete this form below)
Charge-up!  (Your phone and get ready to make some calls) 
Step-up!  (Buy some comfortable shoes and get ready to knock on some doors)

Once you have completed your form, we will get you plugged in and activated!

Thank you for for your time, effort and willingness to help us #FlipThe6th!

Michael Owens
6th District Task Force

Make sure you enter your correct Congressional and House District in the form below.  This will help us when we are communicating and determining our volunteer capacity in certain areas.

To find out what US Congressional and Georgia House District you live in go to  On the right hand side of the screen use the MVP login.  This will give you the information you need.

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