Moon Rabbit Cafe Volunteer

We always need to firm-up who is coming and when.  Please fill in this form with the times you can help out at MRC.   We are happy to have your help. We all have lots of fun, grow and share in community in the process.  We are preparing for 200 people and that means we need at least 35 volunteers to support the dinner.    

FRIDAY PREP - 9:30am-2 pm Prepare food for cooking: clean and chop produce as per chef's recipe. 
SETUP - 9:30 - 11:00 am  Set up tables, arrange table centerpieces, wrap silverware, set tables, set up beverage bar and waiting room.
FOOD PREP/COOKING -12-4pm  Complete food prep and prepare recipes as per chef instructions.  
KITCHEN HELP - 4 - 7 pm  Finish up cooking , prepare plates, wash dishes, as needed.
PLATING - 4 -7:30 pm  Help with finishing touches on food/ plate food to serve to customers. 
SERVING - 4 - 7:30 pm   Review food safety procedures, table assignments, taste food and care for the guests.  
TABLE BUSING - 4 -7:30 pm  Clear dirty dishes, wipe down dining area, set table
KITCHEN CLEAN UP/ DISH WASHING - 4 -7:30 PM  A fresh face here is great to have.  
                     You can have dinner and then stay to bang-out the clean up!  

We don't have enough volunteers in the office to respond to your sign-up,
we simply trust you will be there when you say. Thank You!
[Please do let us know if you are unable to work the shifts you have signed up for]
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Please the group's name here (i.e. Boy Scouts,LDS Church)
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