Inclusive  |  Accessible  |  Safe
Eco-friendly  |  PLAY!

Children grow through play in so many ways.


“Friends of the Dartmouth SplashPad+Park” are a community lead initiative collaborating to bring a regional SplashPad+Park recreation area to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia serving the Harbour East district regions.

We want to create a better, safer community gathering place that is clean and safe, where parents tend to look out for all children, not only their own. This becomes so important in communities with social factors and in environments where opportunities for making these kinds of social connections are fewer.
Play opportunities foster thriving communities. Play value is crucial to delivering a fun, sustainable water play option. Let’s help HRM get more out of play!

Encourage physical, functional and social development in children of various abilities. Designed to bring all ages together to create an engaged community.
Located in a central location near a transportation hub and is accessible by foot, bike, transit or auto.
Zero-depth water spaces to minimize risk and located in a public, high visibility common area - near amenities and existing park land.
Innovative capture & re-purpose water management technology that reduces water consumption and can provide water to local agriculture, community gardens and other uses.
Unscripted free play to encourage children to create their own experiences. We want to create a deeper kind of play that promotes SOCIAL play, so children interact with each other. Encourage DISCOVERY play, so children explore the worlds of cause and effect and prioritize INCLUSIVE play, so people of all ages and abilities can join in.

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